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By providing scholarships and subsidies BCU bridges educational, social and economic gaps for local and talented children. The programme is just one example of how the school’s values enhance the future prospects of our students and community.

From its inception BCU School has offered a scholarship programme that allocates approximately 10% of the school’s income towards scholarships and subsidies.

  • Full or partial scholarships are awarded to gifted children from a lower socio-economic background, who would otherwise be unable to attend the school, and where:
  • Parents value and support a good education.
  • Children show an academic capacity, or specific talents.
  • Parents are committed to their child attending the school for at least three years, and provide support at home.
  • Parents are actively involved to some degree with the school.

Applications for scholarships and subsidies involve the submission of financial information as well as an exam and interview.

If you have any questions or require any further information about the process for applying for a scholarship or a subsidy, please contact our Administration Team at info@bcuschool.org or on +62 5364 212 052 or +62 8115 206 688


scholarship programME

  • Upon receipt of the Application Form with the required supporting documents, an interview will be scheduled with the child. Their details will be added to our enrolment lists for future entry, please complete and return an Application for Enrolment form to our Administration Office.

Find out how you can support our scholarship programme here:

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