BCU Alumni

Nurturing Success

BCU’s Alumni have a strong track record of achievement, both in their tertiary education and their careers. Most importantly, our students go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives and are active community members and responsible world citizens. They are the next generation of change makers, who will make positive differences to our province and nation.

Some of our Alumni share their experiences of BCU here...

Dr Christy Agustiani

General Practitioner,
RS Siloam Palangka Raya

BCU Student: 2006 – 2009

I enjoyed my time studying in BCU, all of the teachers there were really kind and patient. There were many things I’ve learned while I was studying there and it wasn’t only from the academic side, we learned how to respect each other, how to be independent, and to be more confident in many aspects in life. 

One of the best memories I had from learning at BCU was that we (the students) were taught by foreign teachers and we also had lovely foreign friends from many cultures. The one benefit that I can still feel until today is that I became a more independent and confident person during my time of study and pursuing my career.

Dion Ludjen

University Undergraduate

BCU Student: 2006 – 2018

Dion was our first student to complete his full education at BCU. He is the eldest of five children, and all his siblings attend our school. Before he graduated, he participated in an international math and science competition in Serbia and won a prize for best poster on ‘Fighting Forest Fire using a Voronoi Diagram.’ He is now undertaking his tertiary education in Holland, studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence (A.I).

At Dion’s graduation, his father said:

“Dion has finished 12 years of study at BCU, and we are loyal fans! As a parent, we think BCU is the best school for our children, and I agree with the philosophy of the school, to not only pursue academic success but also develop and nurture values and character. We are committed to ensuring that our other four children finish their studies at BCU. BCU has proven itself. We are proud of BCU and what it can provide our children, both for the (traditional) Dayak community and for Central Kalimantan.”

Fennisya Veronica

Euroweek Foundation Indonesia

BCU Student: 2005 – 2011

I started my journey at BCU in 2005 and graduated in 2011. In my first year, it was hard for me to follow the lesson since everything was taught in English and the teachers were foreigners. I was not confident, had no dreams and no ambition. However, BCU has shaped me into the person I am today. There were so many elements BCU taught me, they prioritize the outcome of the students with long term effect. They have also great international and local teachers who were very caring, passionate and loving.

BCU’s learning method focuses on practical interactions and nurturing human values, as well as an enriching learning environment. As a result, I left Indonesia and went to the Netherlands and Poland to study and work there for eight and a half tears. It was not hard for me to follow the lifestyle, learning method and working style in foreign countries because BCU School has taught me how to adapt and be tolerant of differences.

At this moment I am running an international foundation, “Euroweek School of Leaders Indonesia” in Central Borneo that values humanity and differences, and focuses on enhancing English, leadership skills, social communication and creativity skills, and to understand different cultures and to be tolerant. BCU School has given me the mind set of giving and sharing and has also greatly impacted my personal development and professional skills indirectly. I stand for the same values until this very moment that BCU taught me. BCU is not just a school, it is like my home, a very welcoming lace, and I want my community in Central Kalimantan to experience the same as I did.

Mike de Guzman

Geology Graduate

BCU Student: 2009 – 2013

Mike completed his Junior High education at BCU and later went on to study Geology at Curtin University in Miri, Malaysia. He says it was BCU that really helped him get there:

“The course structure of BCU and the fact that all courses are taught in English allowed me to understand and ace my Cambridge A-Level studies and pass the exam with flying colours. The social interactions at BCU, which emphasize familiarity and kindness, have made it so much easier for me to adapt to new environments and to befriend people. BCU was a great experience for me.”

Mike recently returned to BCU as a temporary Maths teacher. He recently achieved 4th place in a teachers’ provincial level essay competition with a paper that explores a scientific approach to forest fire prevention in Indonesia.

Higher Education CHOicES

Our students who decide to pursue higher education are accepted at well-known and respected state and private universities and are often awarded scholarships, reflecting their level of attainment. Recent graduates have gone on to study: 

  • Design in Visual Communication – Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta
  • International Law – President University, Jakarta
  • Civil Engineering – Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin
  • Pharmacy – Universitas Lambung Mangkurat, Banjarmasin
  • Priesthood – Institute of GKE Theology (Sekolah Tinggi Teologi GKE)
  • Industrial Engineering – Universitas Pembangunan Nasional, Surabaya
  • Architecture – Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB)
  • Communications – London School of Public Relations, Jakarta
  • Sustainable Use of Natural Resources – Czech University of Life Sciences, Prague
  • Engineering – Universitas Trisakati, Jakarta
  • Medicine – Universitas Krisnadwipayana, Jarkarta