Bina Cita Utama School aims to enhance the quality of life within Central Kalimantan through the hearts and minds of its young citizens, by nurturing individuality and self-worth within a strong supportive community, and instilling timeless virtues through interactivity, curriculum and methodology.


The School’s vision is to empower young valuable minds to make positive changes and impacts at the forefront of global affairs for the betterment of their world and their future. To be a model example of a sustainable and agile educational system to be replicated throughout the province.


Our Guiding Philosophy provides all stakeholders of the school with a ‘code of conduct‘ to allow us to work collectively as we achieve our Mission and Vision.

Our Guiding Philosophy is as follows:

We vow to acknowledge the young human being holistically, as we empower them to achieve excellence with every stage of their development. 

We encourage them to stay true to themselves as we nurture their skills and talents to support their passions.

Within our structure, the young student will learn to be accountable for his/her ever-growing capacity and performance, to develop the resilience to achieve success in an ever-changing world.

We are raising active citizens who face up to their social and civic responsibilities for their societies.

We are raising the intuitive and innovative problem-solvers needed for the world today.

We are raising the courageous free thinkers and articulate communicators of tomorrow.

At Bina Cita Utama, students of all ages are given the environment and guidance to approach dynamic opportunities to:

  1. Practice care and conscientiousness for the community and the environment. 
  2. Develop worldly knowledge and the responsibility it comes with. 
  3. Demonstrate respect and tolerance for the cultures and values of others.

Child Protection policy

We believe that all children have the right to safety, security and protection. The school exercises protection policies to ensure the best possible learning environment and the best chances of development for each and every child under its wings.

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