The name Bina Cita Utama means to nurture ideals, dreams, hopes and ambitions, which are noble, or of the highest standing. 


We are delighted to welcome you to BCU on behalf of all the staff and students. We are an active and supportive school community that empowers young minds by nurturing individuality and self-worth.

BCU is a growing independent school that provides a safe and stimulating learning environment, together with an enriched curriculum, for students in early childhood (TK), primary (SD), junior high school (SMP) and senior high school (SMA).

Located in the quiet Bukit Batu area of Palangka Raya in Central Kalimantan, we make the most of the educational potential within our local natural environment and focus on quality, human centred learning. Collaborations with environmental and community organisations further enhance our students’ experience.

Along with our commitment to supporting academic excellence, we also believe that “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” (Aristotle) Students are encouraged to become problem solvers and independent thinkers, while developing essential human values such as compassion, responsibility, integrity, creativity, tolerance and resilience.

Our door is always open to parents, students, staff and community members who wish to join us on our journey to make BCU the best school that it can be.




“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” William A. Ward

Ibu Elis has over 11 years’ experience teaching at BCU and has been a key part of the school’s journey over the years. She was the first teacher to participate in a student exchange programme in Europe.

A passionate educator who values integrity and courage, Ibu Elis empowers staff and students alike to realise their full potential.


Ibu Elis’ priorities include strengthening the extracurricular programme to encourage students to develop their talents and expanding the student union, which helps students understand the importance of teamwork and democratic representation. 




Learning is a journey,
not a race.

Ibu Didi’s passion for learning has brought her to BCU, 
where child-centred teaching methodologies and character building is brought together to educate the whole child.

Ibu Didi is also an Educational Consultant for Pusat Studi Pendidikan dan Kebijakan and is collaborating with the Ministry of Education to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

Her previous experience includes senior leadership roles in various educational institutions to develop curricula, implement new teaching and learning strategies, and deliver teacher training. 

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