School Facilities & environment


Our learning environment includes all the facilities, learning and play spaces that we offer our students. By providing a safe, nurturing and well-equipped school we ensure that students’ active learning is supported and cultivated.

the environment

The environment in which students learn, play and socialise is just as important as what they learn, how they play and who they socialise with. 

Every day BCU utilises the clean and safe natural environment that surrounds our school in our educational programs. We also provide a diverse range of play and classroom facilities that enhance this natural environment in order to maximise student learning.

human-centered learning

Learning is so much more than the accumulation of facts and figures. It is an ongoing and interactive process of exploration, play and creativity as well as identifying and assessing information and opinions. It involves trusting ourselves, applying our knowledge and experience, evaluating the results, being aware of our mistakes and importantly, celebrating our success. 

By cultivating a learning environment that focuses on the individual needs and learning styles of our students, BCU provides a supportive, value focussed environment that encourages every child to realise their full potential, not just as a student but as a human being.

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