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BCU invests in our students by investing in our teachers. With workshops from national and international education experts, BCU staff are always improving their skills in order to provide students with the best possible education.


Teaching staff at BCU undertake regular professional development in order to build on their experience, enhance their teaching knowledge and sharpen their classroom skills.

Recent professional development has included the following curriculum topics:

The Wonderful Musician

In January 2019, BCU staff participated in a week-long professional development program delivered by early childhood music education specialist and author Meilyani Angsana.

Mei has developed her own Music and Movement program that is inspired by the writings of Orff, Kodaly and Dalcroze.

Her innovative work utilises the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, ‘The Wonderful Musician’ to introduce young children to musical concepts.

The program involves fun, creative and accessible activities that children (and teachers!) love to get involved in. Mei’s program is also particularly beneficial for students with special learning or developmental needs.


Training the teachers

BCU is not only committed to increasing the standard of teaching within our school. We regularly provide professional development to local public school teachers in order to improve the educational outcomes for students within our region.

In 2009 Yayasan Usaha Mulia collaborated with BCU and the Central Kalimantan Education Department to successfully secure project funding from Barclays Capital to undertake a 2-year teacher training program for public school teachers within our local area.

This training program involved a series of 9 weekly workshops for over 250 teachers from 15 regional schools and focussed on the following topics.

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