curriculum Highlights

BCU is a child centred school with a focus on the individual needs of each student in order to nurture caring, globally aware and active citizens.

Our child centred educational approach is at the core of everything that BCU does. Our focus on educational excellence also ensures that everything we do exceeds the requirements of the national curriculum

BCU maintains low teacher to student ratios in order to maximise opportunities for every student to participate and be fully supported by teachers. The development and delivery of a strong sustainable development curriculum that touches on every subject within the school and engages the students directly with the natural environment is also a key aspect of our teaching approach.  

As well as connecting students with their local environment and community BCU works to ensure that students are able to connect globally.  With this in mind all classes at BCU are delivered in English. We also acknowledge the importance of Indonesian culture and language by providing opportunities for students to build their national character.

With highly qualified local and international staff as well as regular assistance from skilled international volunteers who assist with teaching and organisational responsibilities BCU expands students’ horizons every day.

benefits to the students

Implementing a Human or Student-Centred Learning approach provides the following benefits to our students:

Many of these benefits align with our focus on environmental education, which offers the following tangible benefits to our students:


Every month a student from every grade is appointed as Student of the Month. The selection process is based on academic achievement or for demonstrating school’s values. On the first Monday of the month the Home Room teachers present the certificates to the successful students, celebrating their achievements with the rest of the school.


Assembly is held every Monday morning to “re-group”. It is an important opportunity to celebrate both individuality and togetherness. A time to reflect on the school’s sense of unity and highlight achievements to date. 

Monday morning assembly allows time to nurture the children with story-based examples of good values, character and morals through a sense of community. The aim is to motivate, excite and bring laughter to the children for the week ahead. 

Each assembly is diverse and dynamic, as students are encouraged to feature and share performances of plays, presentations, songs or other learned activities. Teachers also have a chance to present educational value to inspire students in their feeling and thinking.

Birthdays and special achievements are also celebrated with the entire school joining in to sing birthday songs in both English and Bahasa. To wrap things up a short prayer on guidance for the week ahead is delivered, followed by everyone present joining hands to sing the School’s Anthem.

extracurricular ACTIVITIES

As well as the core curriculum, BCU provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities. Students explore subjects they feel passionate about which encourages students confidence, self-determination and individuality within the school structure. 

Extracurricular activities have included activities such as cooking, languages, Karate, theatre sports, singing, basketball and blogging.