fundraising initiatives

The fund-raising initiatives held by Bina Cita Utama are fun and educational ways for  students and staff to engage in important social causes, both large and small.

The development of these innovative projects help us drive positive impacts, one fun day at a time. 

HElp protect borneo's rainforests and orangutans

On Tuesday the 25th of April, in honour of the international commemoration of Earth Day, Bina Cita Utama School organized a fundraising event. The purpose of the event was to raise community and student awareness about the treasures of our natural environment and our shared responsibility in protecting it. 

All BCU students, teachers, staff and Rungan Sari residents were invited to participate in the event. The program was prepared with care in collaboration with the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF). It featured educational activities, students’ works and art projects, educational and community building games, a unique opportunity to express concern and affect positive change by way of simple participation, as well as donations to BOSF, a prominent protection organization in our region. 

The event promised to bring together our community towards a common goal in a fun and educationally rich environment. BCU thereby manifested its commitment in human and environmental values – and enabled us and our children to positively impact our society. 

Check out the list of activities, entertainment and contribution opportunities that made our Earth Day bright and meaningful! (Click on pictures to enlarge.)

show your solidarity

Orange for orangutan

Support the orangutans: Dress up in orange! The 3 best dressed students or teachers win a fun prize!

Hello Orangutans

Fill in the guest book made by our students with their artwork! Leave a message for our Earth, our Forests and Orangutans. 

Endangered earth

Watch the PPT Presentation by our grade 11 & 12 students. 

Video Screenings

Watch footage of baby orangutan Meryl, ‘adopted’ by BCU for a year.

'Are you smarter than an orangutan?'

Play an Interactive Quiz to win a unique prize: A 30 minute visit to Nyaru Menteng to watch baby orangutans come back from Forest School


Arrange the scattered pieces of animal puzzles.


Do some coloring to create the fullest and brightest images of our fantastic forests. 

Match the Orangutan

Recognize BOSF’s orangutan ambassadors by finding the matching photos. 

Face painting

Get your face painted for the day.

photo booth

Have your picture taken inside the picture-board of Mommy and Baby orangutan.

Spoon & Egg race

Compete in an egg race!

musical chairs

Be the last one standing! Find a chair when the music stops.


Show your talent, sing your favourite songs!

Three legged Race

Race with your friend’s leg tied to yours!

Wheelbarrow Race

Race your friends on your hands!

Tug o' War

Pull the rope and be the strongest team on the campus!

Orangutan Race

Race on all fours like an orangutan on the ground!

sales & activities

BOSF Merchandise

Show your support and buy a fun gift for yourself, your parents or a friend!


Buy a Rp. 3,000 Lottery ticket for the chance to win an awesome orangutan t-shirt!

contributions & donations

shake a box

Bring your coins and put them in the donation boxes decorated by our students to support orangutans and their forests.

'Adopt an Orangutan'

Make a donation to ‘adopt’ a baby orangutan. 

give in kind

e.g. Enrichment supplies like hammocks, rattan baskets or storage boxes. Supplies for BOSF’s Nursery and Forest School like blankets, used stuffed animals/plushies, lanjung or laundry baskets, and medication. 

orangutan life saver

Make a donation on behalf of yourself, a family member or a friend to become an Orangutan Life Saver. 

No Palm, no cry - snacks for rp. 3,000

Orangutan cocoa balls

Buy delicious palm oil-free cocoa balls from the orangutan puppet made by our students – and leave a message of support. 


Buy delicious palm oil-free cocoa balls from the orangutan puppet made by our students – and leave a message of support. 

snack donations

Bring your own palm oil-free snacks and cakes for sale in support of orangutans and the forests. 


Buy delicious Orange for Orangutan drinks.