earth day clean-up


In support of the environment, BCU has collaborated with WWF on Earth Hour and Clean Environment. In March 2016 a number of students helped plant 20 trees around the school and in the Rungan Sari compound, as part of a chain of environmental activities for the school’s Community Service program.

Still part of the environmental awareness program in 2016 the school held a competition  in  Letter  Writing  and  Poster  Painting  for  all  Primary  Schools  within  the  Sub District of Bukit Batu on the Saturday, 18th April, and subsequently during Earth  Day  the  22nd  April  joined  forces  with  a  Primary  School  (SDN  2)  in  Sukamulya titled  ‘DarLing’  (short  for  Sadar  Lingkungan    which  means  environmental  awareness)  Program  to  collect  plastic  waste  around  their  village area of Sukamulya – a neighborhood of  Rungan  Sari.  WWF    Earth  Hour  team  also  assisted BCU in this activity. 

In 2018 the planting of trees continued in the Bukit Banama area as well as to clean up the multitude of plastic and general rubbish littered around the beautiful hill and jungle, which is frequented upon by local visitors. We hope that through our clean up campaigns an awareness will spread to say it’s not ok to just throw your rubbish on the ground, but to think first about the consequence and use the trash bins available.

workshop in smp 15 (Junior High School)

Palangka Raya, april 2018


Recycled Paper workshop — we explained about our problem in school in terms of waste, how to reduce the usage of paper, how to reuse scrap paper and how to recycle it. We showed them how to make recycled paper, and that we can use the recycled paper for our daily needs. We asked 2 volunteers to make the recycled paper.

Manure pot workshop — we also explained a bit about GIN (Global Issues Network) and told them that BCU will become a host for next GIN conference this Sept, also a little bit about our Kitchen Garden project. We explained more about plastic usage, and to reduce the plastic usage, we made this manure pot, instead of using the polybag, we can use a manure pot and we showed them how to make it. We also asked 2 volunteers to make the manure pot.

visit to the school-compost pot

Rubbish Bank Extra-Curricular – we demonstrated how to recycle plastic waste into pouches, bags, etc.

Ibu Iga, a teacher at BCU also explained why we have to do all the 3Rs (Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle), and how this activity brought her to Indonesia-Korea student exchange last year. At the end of the workshop, we gave them products that they made before and invited them to join our recycling competition and also our Rubbish Pick Up campaign at Bukit Banama.

Ibu Iga-2